My husband found the Coye Law Firm in the phonebook and decided to call. Something just stood out to him that seemed different than all of the other larger law firms.

We had some fears at the beginning of the process, because hiring the right attorney can be scary. The Coye Law Firm overcame these fears because they spoke to me in a way that clarified my understanding of EVERYTHING.

The personal injury book that Mr. Coye gave me really eased my mind and explained every step of the process.

The team that handled my claim was consistent and stayed in touch with me. I was updated frequently, and they took my opinion into account. When my case was being settled, Mary Kate always asked me what I thought about the numbers. They didn't just do whatever they wanted but actually did what I was comfortable with.

The receptionists were always very polite as well.

If someone asked me why they should choose the Coye Law Firm, I would say because they are very informative, family friendly, and will do better than expected. I truly enjoyed going into the office!

-SL, Orlando, FL