Meeting with an attorney is one of the most important things you can do during your appeal for denied disability benefits. By contacting the Coye Law Firm's Disability Center and giving us your basic information, we can set you up with a free initial consultation that gets your case on the road to reconsideration or a win at trial.

Arriving to the Consultation

   When you arrive for your initial meeting at the Coye Law Firm, we ask you to complete a questionnaire. We collect this information to evaluate your case and see if it is something we can help you with. You probably know most of the information without having to bring supporting documents into the office. However, if you are unsure of some dates, addresses, or names as they pertain to medical treatment, military service, or receiving your denial letter, you may want to bring some documents with you.

Documents to Bring

    After you complete the questionnaire, a case manager will meet with you to discuss your situation more fully. This meeting is confidential. Bring any of the following items with you in order to give your case manager a complete idea of your conditions and treatment:
  • Your latest denial letter from Social Security
  • Any copies of medical records that you have and relate to your disability
  • Prescriptions you take or have taken for your illness or injury
  • Tax returns
  • List of medical doctors and their contact information

    As your case progresses, we may ask you to bring in specific documents. After we notify the Social Security Administration that you have authorized us to represent you, they may send us copies of some of the correspondence you get in the mail from their offices. 

   The Coye Law Firm is made up of experienced disability attorneys and compassionate staff members that want to help you recover from the lost wages and medical bills caused by a disability. Call us today to schedule a free consultation in one of our offices. 


Call 407.648.4940 or contact Coye Law Firm today for a free, private strategy session about your case.

The expert disability attorneys at Coye Law Firm are experienced with Florida, New York, Michigan, and District of Columbia law and are here to help the disabled.

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