3 Shocking - Yet Perfectly Legal - Things Workers’ Comp Can Do While You Wait to Hire an Attorney employment law firm orlando florida workers' compensation attorneyOne of the things I hate telling my clients is, "I wish you had called us sooner!"

Sometimes injured employees wait to get an attorney for their workers’ comp case. Because no immediate problems have arisen, they wait to see how things go and don’t consider hiring an attorney until a big problem pops up. 

“Waiting” is exactly what the insurance company wants you to do. In fact, here are a few shocking – yet perfectly legal – things the workers’ comp insurance company can do while you wait to hire an attorney…

1) Hire an Investigator to Spy on You 

Yes, you read that right. Workers’ comp insurance companies routinely hire private investigators to spy on injured workers. A private investigator may even interview your neighbors and take surveillance video of you in an attempt to develop evidence that will deny your claim, like catching you doing yard work or lifting something heavy. Creepy? Absolutely. Intrusive? You bet.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to prevent an insurance company from hiring a private investigator to spy on you.

2) Ask you for a Recorded Statement 

After the workers’ comp insurance company receives notice of your injury, they may call you and ask for a recorded statement. Recorded statements are rarely helpful to the injured worker and usually only benefit the insurance company. You are under no obligation to agree to a recorded statement and you may politely refuse to give one if an insurance companies asks.

Usually, if you are asked to give a recorded statement, it means it’s time to talk to an attorney. 

3) Provide the Minimum Care Necessary 

The biggest shock to most employees is that the workers’ comp law is NOT designed to get you well, and most workers’ comp insurance companies are not focused on getting you the best care with the best doctors. Instead, the insurance company’s main responsibility is to provide the minimum care the law requires it to pay.

You should never consider the workers’ comp insurance company as an entity that is representing your interests and giving you a full range of options and benefits.

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