Michael McIntosh

Michael McIntosh

Legal Assistant
  • Coye Law Firm
  • 730 Vassar St, Suite 300 Orlando, FL 32804
  • 407-648-4940

Our Personal Injury Legal Assistant is Michael McIntosh! Mike was born in Clinton, Maryland and moved to Palm Coast, Florida when he was 10. He moved to Orlando in 2017 to attend the University of Central Florida to begin his undergraduate degree. Mike is studying Criminal Justice with a minor in Legal Studies. He is also working on his certificate in Victim Advocacy! When he's not working hard at the office, Mike enjoys spending his free time staying active and working out. He also plays in various intramural sports leagues with his friends. On the weekends he particularly enjoys relaxing with friends and watching some football if it's the right time of year. At UCF, Mike resides on the executive board of his fraternity and is in charge of various events and recruitment tasks. 

Mike is a member of the Personal Injury department here at the Coye Law Firm. He's responsible for handling medical record requests and updates, briefing clients on case updates, drafting legal documents and assisting with other tasks to ensure the efficiency of the department. 

When asked why he wanted to become an attorney, Mike said "I like to stand up for people who can't necessarily stand up for themselves. I work extremely hard in everything I do and I feel like everyone deserves an attorney who will fight tooth and nail for every client they have as if they were in the same situation as the client. Also when I was in 4th grade my mom asked me what I wanted to be one day. I said 'attorney', so ever since then I've just been following my dream and proving to myself and hopefully setting an example for the next young kid like me that you can do anything you put your mind to."

The office wouldn't be the same without his charismatic presence!