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While Coye Law Firm officially began in 1991, our true heart and soul was not founded in a building, but on a dairy farm in upstate New York.

As a young man I worked side-by-side with my grandfather and father, waking up early to plant crops, look after the livestock, and find solutions to problems that at the time seemed impossible. Some days we would start working before the sun came up and wouldn't stop until long after dark. Because of this, I learned the simple truths that there is reward in helping others and that you must work hard, even in the face of seemingly impossible tasks to succeed.

Today, these core values are at the heart of Coye Law Firm. We work tirelessly to give our clients the justice they deserve.

If you or a loved one is in need of representation, my team of experienced attorneys is here for you. We offer free consultations for all accident, injury, and disability clients and we do not charge fees unless we recover money for you. 

Coye Law Firm's Practice Areas

We currently serve our clients in the following areas:

To better represent your needs and interests, we handle cases throughout Florida, New York, Michigan, Washington, D.C. and other states throughout the country. The majority of our clients live in or visit Florida, and come from a wide variety of counties and cities.

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